For all of you out there with little ones, I know you must have just experienced the post-halloween sugar overload craze! .... OR if you have halloween candy left over I sure hope you didn't gobble it down in one sitting!

We have all heard time and time again about how sugar affects your teeth (and your kids). In light of halloween festivities, everything in moderation...BUT try and stay away from sticky, chewy candy that will nestle in the crevices of your teeth. To keep the cavity bugs away and at bay remember to brush & floss AM &PM!!!!!!

On another note, my heart goes out to all those that were hit by Nor'easter and Hurricane Sandy. I spent the weekend of November 3rd in New Jersey, and it is still a mess. The resiliency of the communities we drove by is outstanding. I know that there was a curfew in NJ on Halloween so the kids weren't able to go out past 7:00PM. I hope that the rebuilding efforts are successful and that all the families affected continue to stay strong, and positive.

I literally waited in a gas line for 3 hours; I am very fortunate and thankful that the DC metro area was not hit that hard.

If you would like to make a donation towards American Red Cross please visit their website.

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