I am planning a fundraiser for the 88 orphans at Mama Fatumas in Nairobi Kenya. Details will be posted once the location is confirmed.
This will be a bake sale event; and we will also be collecting clothes/shoes/books.
Email correspondence from the Manager of the orphanage below
Hey Ruhee Jaffer,

Sorry to have stayed for
some time without communicating to you. With us here we appreciate for the
donations and visit you made during your visit to our Institution with your
colleagues. The toothpaste, tooth brushes, towel, bathing soap and other items were of
helpful to the children and even the health talk. We appreciate so much and
wished you the best for more such talks and visits for the children which will
motivate them. We hope you are back nicely in America having given President
Obama another term to finish his two terms,

We request you to talk to your
friends, the church you go to and other well wishers and philanthropists to
donate and contribute for these less fortunate children. You saw by yourself
during the visit at our organization, Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's Home. We
request you during the incoming christmas festival to talk to several friends
and see how they can support these children even other churches. We shall
appreciate for any support and donation.

Thanks very much for your
continuous support and contribution to our children, may the Almighty bless

However, following an incident
which happened on Sunday, 18th November 2012, an explosion next to our place,
the community was very rowdy and rioted alot making the area to be
very insecure. This made many people not to visit our home for assistance
of which donations have dwindled and even business was closed. The situation was
not good even on Monday the anti-riot police had to come in to curb the
situation. The problem started on Sunday after the explosion in a commuter small
bus which claimed the lives of almost 10 people and more than 30 people injured.
Within the week there was no learning within our area for the children due to
the uncontrolled situation. Some of the young people in the area took advantage
of the situation and looted and even some houses were damaged. Vehicles were not
passing and livelihood activities were not conducted. 

However, with our children and
the home it was affected only that we are now not getting any support after the
incidence, therefore it is becoming challenging to offer services for the
children. Therefore, we are writing to our friends and well wishers to mobilize
resources and find out how these children could be support. 

We shall appreciate for any
contribution for the welfare of these children. Please send this information to
many people so that we can be assisted.    

The community has started
dialogues for peace building and discourage conflict. Peace caravans, meetings,
visits to affected areas and families including the young people who are
involved to discourage them from such acts and create peace.

Therefore, we are only informing
you on the current situation and you can also see what you can do for the
betterment of these children.

Looking forward to reading from
you soon.


Mohamed Hiribae
Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children's